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I definitely have a tendency to concentrate on certain games to build and collect, selling other similar games to fund the expansion for my favourite. This is a current selection of my biggest fantasy brand collections, largely considered to be those i still feel i have to buy new content for as it comes out.  These have offered me the most excitement of expanding content and the total amount invested is certainly a factor for the list, but mostly it will be pride of ownership.

1. Lord of the Rings LCG – my go to solo card game as it just offers so much variety from the different types of quests, to the deckbuilding of support cards. It requires expansion collecting to really shine, but once you have built a decent collection, it offers a relatively quick card game with an element of story included. The artwork and theme is also amazing, and it is the most money i have spent on one game product.

warquest2. Warhammer Quest – the original dungeon crawl was the most fun i ever had collecting a game, with box expansions, new articles and rules published alongside. For simple, random adventures it is still the benchmark, and the brand continues with the more modern Silver Tower, Hammerhal & Blackstone Fortress games which i am also painting into complete sets.

descentimage3. Descent 2nd Edition – the most versatile dungeon crawler, allowing you to play in many different ways, with or without an overlord, and an app to control the enemies or create the storylines. I really love the artwork and production quality, and models do paint up pretty well too. There are so many different expansions to collect, so getting and painting everything is an impossible dream.

tquest4. Thunderstone – a deck building experience that has been re-developed over the years. I collected all the Advance sets and now am building the Quest collection which is neatly being expanded in quest themes. The artwork, simplicity of play and the ability to customise each dungeon makes it a game i really enjoy collecting, and even more so with the new barricades solo and co-op mode.

tmb5. Too Many Bones – a unique chip and dice based adventure, with high quality components and heroes that each feel completely different in their skills and play style. This game offers a blend of character progression, adventuring, tactical battles and great production, and now has a campaign option. A newer game in my collection that has quickly expanded into one of my great collections.

6. Sword & Sorcery – dungeon crawling with storylines rather than random adventures, this is a great game with superb tiles and nice models. It manages to offer something different and is still currently expanding its content with a whole new storyline being released within the frozen wilderness. This is rapidly expanding into another large collection.

7. Tainted Grail – kickstarter has largely changed collections, some now come along in one huge package all at once. This is one of those, with story expansion content and extra models throw in right from the start if you choose to buy it that way.  This was my replacement for the equally dark Kingdom Death and is due to arrive later this year.


8. City of Kings –  a clever mix of hero development and worker strategies, with battles against enemies that change each game. This has a really nice artwork style and some of the best hero play board ever seen, especially if you add the clear trays. A great new game design, although the collection may be complete except for new scenario releases.