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Darkest Night (2nd Edition)

darkestThe Darkest Night board game has been around for a number of years, slowly increasing its presence via a number of small expansions. This fantasy adventure game sees your team of heroes co-operating to try and stop the evil necromancer who is bringing darkness to the kingdom, and he does this by putting out varied blights into the seven areas of the board representing different locations of the small world. Heroes have special powers which they use to destroy this evil directly, but can also chain effect with one other to help defend the realm. Clever co-operation will help you beat the rising darkness track, and it has some similarities in this regard to Eldritch Horror, which i really enjoy.

Darkest Night was kickstarted as a second edition > kickstarter page, which brings all the previous content together into one package, massively improving the components and artwork and making it have a deluxe feel. The game is self contained, although you can buy some plastic miniatures as an extra, and is playable solo using four heroes, with variants now existing for using two or three heroes in a game. The production is stunning, with large tarot sized cards, thick tokens, great artwork, and a board printed in two sizes.

The gameplay is easy to follow but immensely involving and controlling multiple characters is not as hard as for some other games as you only take one action each per round, but it foes need a bit of space to lay out the cards. The 29 different heroes to select from have different power combinations, which means that every game can be a different experience, and even playing the same characters will reveal different powers each game. The dice rolling mechanic works well, your unique powers plus the sparks you collect will enable you to roll more dice to try and succeed in your roll, so you do have options and can plan ahead too. You must balance collecting clues needed to obtain the holy relic, with defeating blights before they overrun the world, while also taking time to increase your powers. The game provides a nice challenge, with a darkness timer giving progressive difficulty as your heroes strengthen. This is now one of my favourite solo games > fantasy adventure card games