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Reviewing fantasy adventure games


Over the last couple of years kickstarter has become a key place to find new great looking fantasy style adventure games, and i selectively back where i think they could challenge my top lists. Gloom of Kilforth (Sept 2015) – the…
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Too Many Bones

Too Many Bones is a kickstarter game from 2015 that has grown and improved its content during development and has now become a very popular product. It is not a cheap game, but I can re-assure you that in terms of…
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Kingdom Death

Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 kickstarter has arrived, and our group begins a new campaign, parking our Gloomhaven games for a while. This game needs little introduction, a nightmare world where you take your settlement survivors on a journey through many…
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Kickstarter Deja Vu

In autumn 2015 i stumbled across the kickstarter world and discovered some amazing new fantasy adventure games being developed. At this time the first game i backed was Gloom of Kilforth, followed shortly afterwards by 7th Continent and Too Many…
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Massive Darkness

Massive Darkness, a kickstarter from Cmon has now arrived and goes up against dungeon crawlers such as Castle Ravenloft, Descent 2nd Edition, Warhammer Quest, Silver Tower and Sword & Sorcery in what has become a highly competitive genre. This game comes with huge model content and…
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