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Monthly Archive: August 2019

Undaunted Normandy

Undaunted Normandy is a two player World War II deckbuilding game set in June 1944 after the D-Day landings, where players control either US troops arriving to join the Allies in occupied France or the defending German forces. There are 12…
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Sine Tempore

Sine Tempore is a space campaign where your party of four heroes are scouting out a new planet called Primevus V in search of a new homeworld. This game has taken its time to arrive after kickstarting in 2017, and…
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Since 2015 kickstarter has become for me a key place to find new great looking fantasy adventure games, and i selectively back where i think they could challenge my own collection. Gloom of Kilforth (Sept 2015) – the first game i…
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My Top 15 Board Games

I like to categorise my game collection into grouped lists, but here is my regularly updated selection of my current overall favourite games put together. These are ranked based on how i feel overall about a game including it’s gameplay, components, co-operative…
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