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Monthly Archive: February 2021

Dice Throne Adventures

Dice Throne was originally a competitive dice battling game based on the yahtzee three roll mechanism to activate character abilities and wear down your opponent. The adventures box is a co-operative expansion upgrade that turns it into a dungeon crawl experience…
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Gary Numan

Gary Numan is a favourite music artist of mine since i heard ‘Are Friends Electric’ on Top of the Pops in 1979 and bought the album ‘Replicas’ from my local record store. There have been high and low points since then,…
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Rega Turntable

My other hobby of sorts alongside board gaming is my hifi and music and i thought i would document my second hand Rega turntable history as i made another return to vinyl. I grew up playing vinyl as a teenager…
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7th Continent

7th Continent is a unique adventure game from 2017 set in the early 20th century where you take the role of an explorer embarking on a mission to the newly discovered seventh continent, to attempt to lift a terrible curse that…
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Gloom of Kilforth

This is a solo or co-operative card based fantasy adventure game where your adventuring hero will navigate a world map of 25 locations set out in random grid at the start of the game. You will journey around the map, encountering…
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Dungeons & Dragons

The dungeons & dragons board game series are entry level co-operative dungeon crawls, where straightforward mechanics allow you play against the dungeon in a series of quests. There are six games so far in this series with each one having very similar rules…
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