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Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wqadventurebox.jpgThe original Warhammer Quest miniatures dungeon crawl game remains one of my all time favourites and is very valuable now. The Adventure Card Game is an adaptation from Fantasy Flights, which keeps the flavour of heroes searching dungeon tunnels and rooms to complete a quest, but uses a predominantly card based mechanic. The co-operative nature of the game remains at its core, and the actions of your hero need to be intertwined with others in your party in order to succeed.

Aside from the really good set of mechanics, which combine the choice of four action cards with dice rolling to resolving combat, each hero has its own thematic style to work with. From the Dwarf tank to the ranged Elf, the healing Priest and the firepower of the bright Wizard. The artwork for the heroes and monsters is high quality. What really shines is the ability to follow a storyline quest, as your heroes undertake adventures. This is a huge strength with potential for expansions.WQDwarf

This game provides dungeon questing, with stories and theme, and a good set of character choices it has quickly become a favourite of mine. It is also very enjoyable to play solo by controlling two heroes, and is a quick game to set up and play. Whilst playing with miniatures is always exciting, this game manages to be fast and fun and is therefore more likely to get played. Each quest is no pushover with two heroes and there are enough random elements in the set up to make repeat adventures still entertaining.



There are expansions you can add to enhance or change the gameplay (my additions highlighted green = ownblue = part ownedred = not purchased) :


Only two new heroes were ever forthcoming with the Witch Hunter and Trollslayer characters, two of the more famous and enjoyable hero types for me thankfully. The official game development has now finished before it really got going, but it is still a great one off game to pick up while you can and there is a lot of fan content around.

Custom Starter Quests

I have been writing new quests to help extend the life of this game, originally with 3 starter quests, designed for 2 players to help people learn the game.

Spider Queen Lair          Night of the Goblins          Domain of the Rats

Custom Main Quests

I developed two of the starter quests into full adventures and added more themed ones.

Latest News March 2017 : The Lost Forge file and the Tomb of the Undead file have been updated to include new revised cards. Other files have been tidied up a little too.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is WQQueenspiderCard.jpgLair of the Spiders is a tier one scenario which is designed to be a reasonably straightforward adventure played with starting heroes. The journey into the Spider tunnels will be exhausting, and can throw up some tough times, however overall it is normally slightly easier than quests that came with the game. The file is currently available here and contains new spider cards > Lair of the Spiders.

‘A gigantic Spider Queen has invaded the local caves and has built its nest in the network of tunnels. Local villagers have reported sightings of the huge terrifying spider creatures in the nearby forest, and some locals are now being reported as missing. A small party of brave heroes are selected to locate and destroy the Queen Spider deep in her lair. These tunnels will be treacherous and progress will be slow’.

WQMinotaurCardMy tougher tier one monster adventure is called Labyrinth of the Minotaur. This is designed to be a dungeon crawl through a maze of tunnels, until the main event, which is a full on monster boss fight. I consider this pretty tough to beat with starting heroes, and is on a par with ‘A Foul Stench’. The file is currently available here and contains a new creature > Labyrinth of the Minotaur.

‘Rumours of a strange bull headed beast that is terrorising the local villages has increased and the governing leaders have recruited your select band of heroes to search the labyrinth of tunnels under the nearby mountains. You are promised great rewards if you can capture the creature and bring it back alive. However this mythical creature is both powerful and aggressive and will not be easy to locate in its lair’.

WQNightgoblinCardThe Lost Forge is a quest designed around the Night Goblins, featuring a new leader character along with new goblin cards. This scenario has more of a progressive adventure feel on a familiar theme, where timing is important. It is tougher to beat than the Minotaur scenario and sits midway between tiers I & II difficulty. Optional and recommended rules allow one visit to the settlement before undertaking this adventure. The file is currently available here and contains new Goblin cards > The Lost Forge.

An abandoned Dwarven Forge deep within the mountains is rumoured to contain a lost relic of great importance. Hopes to unite the Dwarven armies in their battle against the Orc hordes may hinge on the recovery of this valuable item. A small party of brave heroes have been tasked to locate this forge and recover the relic. However a vicious tribe of Night Goblins now rule these tunnels’ . 

WQUndeadCardTomb of the Undead is a tier two adventure and sees the heroes searching the lost crypts for a special artifact. This quest features some new undead enemy cards and has a Liche King nemesis adversary. It is a similar level to The Lost Forge, heroes may undertake one visit to a settlement before embarking on this quest if they wish. The file is currently available here and contains new Undead cards > Tomb of the Undead.

Armies of undead skeletons are rising to destroy the land of the living and help is needed to defeat them. Hidden deep within the burial mountains are many lost crypts rumoured to contain treasures forged by the old ones, and which may turn the tide of the battle. Small parties of brave heroes have been sent out and tasked to search these burial chambers to find the tomb of the undead’.