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Over the last couple of years kickstarter has become a key place to find new great looking fantasy adventure games, and i selectively back where i think they could challenge my own collection. Gloom of Kilforth (Sept 2015) – the first…
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A Look Back At 2018

This is a summary of the board games that saw my most interest, gameplay, hobby time, funding and general enjoyment in 2018. This year my time painting models reduced a little compared to previous years, and kickstarter arrivals became more focused on…
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Nemesis by Awaken Realms arrived and makes an attempt to hijack the top of the games list, just before the year end. If you ever wanted to experience Aliens in a board game setting, then this has to be the…
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Sword & Sorcery

When i received the original kickstarter release, initial impressions on the contents were that this is a top quality game. The models are very good by plastic miniatures standards, maybe slightly soft on some thinner weapons, but i was impressed…
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The City Of Kings

The enemies in this game are a little different in that they are individually generated each time, by combining banners, stat cards and drawing abilities from a bag, it offers an unbelievable number of combinations, so you will never be quite…
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