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swords1Since 2015 kickstarter has become for me a key place to find new great looking fantasy adventure games, and i selectively back where i think they could challenge my own collection.

Gloom of Kilforth (Sept 2015) – the first game i ever supported, largely off the back of the designer’s free contributions to other games i like. The artwork for this game and the final product quality exceeded original expectations and i added the expansion pack in the later kickstarter. Delivered in June 2017See details here > adventure (co-op).

7th Continent (Oct 2015) – an adventuring game, set across tiles making an island map that unveils as you explore. It is slightly more real world based than pure fantasy, and has a great tile laying concept which each contain decisions you need to make and affect the future adventure. It is an excellent solo game and i added the expansions in the later kickstarter. Delivered in August 2017See details here > adventure (co-op).

Sword & Sorcery (Nov 2015) – this miniatures exploration game has a set storyline adventure campaign to follow and is a dungeon crawler but with outdoor and underground areas. This turned out to be one of the better dungeon games competing well with the likes of Descent, Warhammer Quest and Massive Darkness. Delivered in June 2017. See details here > Sword & Sorcery and in the top list > campaign (models).

Too Many Bones (Mar 2016) – developed into an amazing final product that looks and feels superb. This is more battle focused, but does have a quest journey and story to follow, and the many dice and chips are a fairly unique game combination. Delivered in April 2017. The Undertow expansion was backed and added in 2018. See details here > Too Many Bones and in the top list > adventure (co-op).

Darkest Night 2nd Edition (Jun 2016) – a solo or co-op game kickstarted into a deluxe version upgrade. Given it was a game i had previously wanted to purchase, i felt this was the time to get on board. The finish on this game looks amazing and the huge choice of different characters provides unlimited playable combinations. Delivered in January 2018. See details here > Darkest Night and in the top list > adventure (co-op).

Massive Darkness (Jul 2016) – a more streamlined dungeon crawl with a great array of models, this game is for those who do not want overly complex rules. This was backed due its excellent models and hopes for a good quicker dungeon crawl, however ultimately its campaign lacks any real depth and it is best for one off adventures. Delivered in August 2017See details here > Massive DarknessSold November 2018.

Kingdom Death Monster (Dec 2016) – a campaign game in a horror world with great miniatures. Build up a settlement and hunt intelligent monsters to survive, creating the arena battles that are unique and awesome. This is a hobby game that delivers on pride of ownership but it is so expensive that eventually i felt my funds were better placed elsewhere. Delivered in October 2017. See details here > Kingdom DeathSold March 2018.

Thunderstone Quest (Mar 2017) – a remake of a popular deck building game with new cards, artwork and rules. Given Thunderstone Advance has remained one of my top 10 games since 2012 i had a lot of interest in this revised edition and it delivers well with new village and dungeon additions that improve the gameplay. Delivered in February 2018. I also received the excellent barricades solo / co-operative expansion in May 2019. See details here > Thunderstone Quest v Advance and in the top list dungeon (cards).

Gloomhaven (April 2017) – a legacy style adventure that uncovers new quests and content as you progress. A new fantasy world and races with neat combat mechanics using cards unique to each character.  I have already played a long campaign before i bought the reprint myself, so i could own it too. Delivered in October 2017. See details in the top list > campaign (models).

City of Kings (April 2017) – this adventure questing game uncovers a map as you move, with heroes and workers combining together. Heroes have unique development trees to choose from, and you will have resource management to build new structures and affect the map. Monsters are generated with random abilities and combinations. Delivered in March 2018. I added the expansion characters which arrived in January 2019 > City of Kings and in the favourites list > adventure (co-op).

Ravage (June 2017) – a smaller box dungeon crawl game, offering solo or co-op play with Orc characters as the heroes. This is a card based game with standees, and comes out cheaper than most adventure games. It has really great artwork and a future swamp edition is planned. Delivered in April 2018. See details here > dungeon (cards).

Sine Tempore (June 2017) – a sci-fi fantasy campaign mission game with miniatures, to compete with the likes of Imperial Assault or Galaxy Defenders. The model count is huge, and look amazing, along with the tiles and hero cards. This is a good alternative to a more purist fantasy world with a lot of visual appeal. Delivered in July 2019. See details here > Sine Tempore and in the favourites list here > campaign (models).

Vindication (Feb 2018) – late backed while it was called Epoch The Awakening after i initially resisted during the main campaign in 2017. A questing adventure game using resource management it combines fantasy but in a competitive format. The artwork and production is really nice and i have backed the leaders expansion in 2019. Delivered in December 2018. See details here > strategy (competitive).

Nemesis (Feb 2018) – awakening on a drifting space ship, your task is to survive the aliens and complete your mission. This game has theme, tension, secret objectives, great models and simply looks amazing. The co-operative gameplay is really atmospheric and always keeps you in suspense. Delivered in November 2018. See details here > Nemesis and in the favourites list here > campaign (models).

Everdell (September 2018) – a worker placement game with card combinations and amazing artwork. I did not back this the first time around as a friend was getting it, but having played it, i am now getting a copy alongside the new expansion. Delivered in September 2019. See details here > family (competitive).

Tidal Blades (November 2018) – another worker placement game with dice upgrades as you defend your island from an onslaught of monsters while taking part in style related competitions. Artwork and gameplay really stand out from the crowd and made it irresistible. Delayed now until February 2020.

Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles (November 2018) – a welcome return for this miniatures dungeon exploration game with new storyline campaigns set in an ice wilderness. This is a new core set with a comprehensive set of new heroes and enemies, and is an extremely exciting kickstarter for me. I am not expecting to see this before March 2020.

Tainted Grail – Fall Of Avalon (December 2018) – a story led game from the producers of Nemesis which looks quite amazing and was also a really popular kickstarter. This is this years most exciting release, and will become my long awaited replacement for Kingdom Death. I am also glad I resisted Solomon Kane earlier in the year. Due in November 2019, the most exciting game this year.

Cloudspire (April 2019) – coming from Chip Theory, one of my favourite game design companies (Too Many Bones), this is a tower defence style game with great unique factions where i particularly like its potential for co-op and solo modes. Delivered in September 2019.

Altar Quest (June 2019) – a dungeon adventure based on the great heroquest, with a similar looking board, objects to interact with and a great looking action card mechanism. You search out altars within the dungeon rooms and try to cleanse your altar stone. There are nice looking models and quest decks and villains that can be slotted into the game each time to make different challenges, Due in June 2020 > Altar Quest

Trudvang Legends (August 2019) – a story campaign adventure from CMON with great artwork and a load of miniatures. Despite selling Massive Darkness, a previous kickstarter from this company, i have higher hopes for this game and am always interested in great story adventures. Due in December 2020 > Trudvang Legends

Oathsworn : Into The Deepwood (October 2019) – this will be my final backing for this year, a mix of roleplaying adventure with huge miniature boss showdowns. It looks remarkable and i will be all in on this one i think.

My kickstarter interest remains strong but new games have to compete with what i already own, and i am trying to reduce the number i back each year. As a result I have recently resisted buying the following interesting kickstarters even though they looked pretty good >  Middara, Dwellings of Everdale & Etherfields.