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Kingdom Death

Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 kickstarter has arrived, and our group begins a new campaign, parking our Gloomhaven games for a while. This game needs little introduction, a nightmare world where you take your settlement survivors on a journey through many lantern years, fighting strange creatures to improve your survival chances. Given the expense of the game, it came with some trepidation as to how it would stack up against the more usual dungeon crawlers i own, but i am pleased to say that so far it has delivered extremely well, with engaging gameplay and memorable moment. Split into three sections, the hunt, showdown and settlement phases, the latter two being the most involved and important. So far we are in the very early stages, but already the white lion hunt has proved a blast, with the artificial intelligence cards really bringing variation and interesting mechanics into play, and this is far beyond any dungeon crawl fighting, even though dice rolling remains an important factor. The settlement phase is an addictive array of choices, from learning new innovations, to crafting weapons and armour, or choosing fighting skills, you will never be really sure early on whether your decisions are good ones. The ability to build and combine complete armour sets is such a nice experience, and a fond reminder of my World of Warcraft days.

This game is unlike anything else i own, the quality of the components is top of the range, the hardback book especially likeable, and the models are a good quality with loads of detail. This is definately a hobby game experience, yes there is a huge campaign to play through, but modelling and painting are equally interesting, and you can build unique characters to represent yourself, containing your equipment and clothing. The price of this game reflects the fact that you are given a huge black box of goodies to play with as you wish, you will unlikely even use it all. In the same way Gloomhaven pushes the gaming experience with its card play mechanics and an unfolding world, Kingdom Death does a similar job with its settlement progress, and you can easily fill up all your set aside gaming time with this one set. You may well decide you do not need a huge shelf of games any more when one or two deep ones can give you so much enjoyment.

So after a painting break for a couple of months (i still have not finished Shadows over Hammerhal or Sword & Sorcery), this game got my glue and paints back out, and the good news on this game is that you can start with just 5 built models, a lion and four survivors and play with these for ages before new ones are needed. Here is my progress in the first week of owning …