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Last year saw all but one of my expected kickstarters delayed into 2022, so this year is set up to be a really busy one for new arrivals, and will likely see more games arrive than i can probably do justice to :bardsunghero

Those most like to arrive this year are Forgotten DepthsTrudvang Legends core box, FrostpunkISS Vanguard, Edge of Darkness, Call to Adventure and the ones i am now most looking forward to receiving Oathsworn and Eleven.

Those that have already arrived this year and are being played and assessed are Nemesis LockdownBardsung and Machina Arcana.

In retail Games Workshop announced that Cursed City will be reprinted with new expansions later this year which is such good news, and a game that i expect will continue to feature high on my hobby list. Marvel Champions was a new game to me last year that i have started to add a few expansions.

Kickstarters for this year catching my interest are Unsettled the space exploration puzzle game, Tidal Blades : Rise of the Unfolders, a scenario campaign adventure style game in the beautiful island setting, and Kingdoms Forlorn, a story dungeon campaign game featuring knights, with some theme style and play similarities to Kingdom Death but without the modelling overheads. Thunderstone Quest will be receiving 2 more quests, which is great news, and i am going to take a look at Runescape Kingdoms when it launched.

I am going to have keep selling off games for sure, and it will be interesting to see which ones stay and break into my top lists.