Crusaders Games

The City Of Kings

Yet another fabulous recent kickstarter is called The City Of Kings. This is a fantasy adventure with hidden map tiles to turn over as you quest through the land and with set stories to follow, or one off scenarios to achieve. You may legitimately argue by now that we have enough adventure games to keep us going, but yet again someone has managed to make a new game feel fresh and interesting enough to warrant our attention. This game combines heroes with workers, and so you will not only search for creatures to kill using your main character, from a choice of six, but also look for mines to dig for ore, forests to chop wood or lakes to fish in. Gathering resources enables you to build structures or obtain great equipment. It has a neat balance between these two activities.

The enemies in this game are a little different in that they are individually generated each time by combining banners, stat cards and drawing abilities from a bag, it seems to offer an unbelievable number of combinations, so you will never be sure what you are going to face in each encounter. This does mean that monsters are generic in art style in some respects and represented by banners, but to compensate some great new boss monsters are also being added in the stretch goals, which look really cool.

The game artwork is somehow managing to be fresh and great looking too, and it is the player boards that really grabbed my attention. These have multiple skills choices to level up your character in a significant nod to World of Warcraft style, and is also similar is some ways to skill choices made in Too Many Bones. This is a concept that I totally love at the moment and it seems to work so well, bringing video game mechanics into board gaming format. City of Kings is also solo friendly, playing as two characters though, which does not seem too onerous at all given my experience with Too Many Bones, and watching the play through videos. Needless to say, i backed this game, having followed it for a while and watched a live streamed play through.

Some of the stretch goal ememies that were unlocked included the great looking Jamba, Orc and Okol penguin. Overall this was the most fun and interesting kickstarter that i have ever followed so far. You can find the kickstarter page here > City Of Kings