Crusaders Games

Monthly Update – February 2019

tmbThe start of a new year comes with some high expectations for kickstarter releases that i backed last year, especially the expansion ones for games i already enjoy.

Too Many Bones – most of my gaming in January was two player and this game saw the majority of the play. What a delight this game is, tactile and strategic, and tough to beat. We had huge fun trying out some of the core set characters against Nom and Drellen. We still have barely scratched the surface of this game.

City of Kings – the arrival of the City of Kings expansions in January exceeded expectations with the player packs looking fantastic and having thicker card board for the characters too. This raised a desire for the older character boards to be redone this way. The miniatures were also better than i was expecting, this game has definitely consolidated its place as a must own on my list now.

Lord of the Rings LCG – a little solo play so far this year, and i finally obtained the final two packs from Angmar – i have been waiting for Dread Realm for ages. Also i have some newer expansion packs arriving in quarter one. This will remain my main solo game being played regularly this year, i cannot see much changing this.

Darkest Night 2nd Edition– february has seen us playing this game with two player games controlling two characters each, and it went really well as we took down the Necromancer on the easiest blight level. Such a great game with the characters feeling really different, and players needing to work closely together to win.

blackstoneShadows over Hammerhal – back on the painting table during february to finally finish off the acolytes and complete the set. This is a long outstanding project which i am now determined to finished so that i can get started on the third in the series, Blackstone Fortress.

Recent game sales included Elder Sign and Spirit Island to help fund new upcoming games, as i decided to buy Blackstone Fortress and carry on the Warhammer Quest trilogy. In the end Games Workshop make such great sets that i fancied one more crack at the newest quest release set in the 40,000 universe.