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A Look Back At 2017

gloomhaven1This is a summary of the board games that saw my most interest, investment, hobby time and enjoyment in 2017. It is not necessarily a direct reflection of my all time favourite games, but shows where i have putting most resource, hobby interest and funding this year, and may also include games that i do not own. This year the kickstarters arrived.

1. Gloomhaven – this took over group gaming for most of the year with regular sunday afternoons following the huge campaign, with so much time and enjoyment invested. My Vermling Mindthief will be fondly remembered forever.

2. Shadows over Hammerhal – i invested a lot of painting time earlier this year and have played the campaign when we needed a Gloomhaven break. New content has finally started to arrive during December too with enemy cards and white dwarf articles, which will help its profile continue for next year.

3. Too Many Bones – my most enjoyed solo game this year, plus i bought expansion items with the upgrade pack, premium chips and an adventure map. I also backed the new kickstarter expansion. This is such a beautiful game with great strategy and story telling.

4. Sword & Sorcery – i painted up most of the act one models and dabbled with the campaign while the painting was completed. Once i realised how much i liked the game, I added the three extra heroes i missed off the kickstarter funding.

5. Descent 2nd Edition – the Road to Legend app is still bringing new life to the game, and whilst it continues to see lighter play than at its peak in 2015, i am still purchasing expansion content, painting and playing it even now. I consider it better than Massive Darkness, and Christmas brought me the Stewards of the Secret heroes and monsters set.

6. Lord of the Rings LCG – last years most played game, it started the year well with the Sands of Harad and Beneath the Sands expansions getting a lot of play. However during the 2nd half of the year i took a break as the arrival of newer games took over the limelight.

7. 7th Continent – another solo game and a wonderful exploration tale with many surprises. It hit my solo table intermittently, but when it does i tend to play for a few hours as time passes quick playing this one. There was an expansion kickstarter this year too which i backed.

8. Thunderstone Advance – has seen some solo gaming late in the year, and i preferred it to the newer Dragonfire game which i did not keep.  It is easy to set up and get playing which helps it beat other games when i have limited gaming time. The new Quest version is coming in 2018 which is really exciting.

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