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A Look Back At 2016

This is a summary of the board games that saw my most interest, play, hobby time and enjoyment in 2016. It is not necessarily a direct reflection of my all time favourite games, but shows where i have putting most resource, hobby interest and funding this year, and may include games i do not own. This year family games saw less play as my son moved to PC gaming, and solo play took over.

1. Lord of the Rings LCG – my most played game of 2016, i worked my way through solo playing all the Voice of Isengard and Ringmaker expansions, and then bought and played the Lost Realms box and Angmar cycle. It is a superb solo game.

2. Warhammer Quest Silver Tower – i bought, built and painted up this game set this year, and time investment wise this has been intense. However, i actually have not played the game that much, so this has been more a hobby related experience. The completed set does look great though and i am proud of the results.

3. Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game – i played this game loads and wrote four new scenarios which has seen a lot of website downloads and praise on boardgamegeek. Developing these new quests and play testing took a lot of time to complete, but i am pleased to have helped keep the interest going.

4. Descent 2nd Edition – in 2015 this game saw the most home play and painting time, and i have still painted a couple of expansions this year and also built a foamcore organiser insert for the core set. Despite Road to Legend bringing new life to the game, it has seen lighter play this year.

5. Lancaster – a heavier strategy game that i don’t own, but it had a good run at the gaming group. We were sucked into the competitive side of trying to beat each other each week and so it saw more play than most games during a 4 month period.

6. Warhammer Quest – the 1995 edition was dusted off and saw game time again with the group while i painted up Silver Tower, and we had a great time with it, including a disastrous end game where the dwarf, the last hero standing and destined for glory against the final Minotaur, fell over his beard, hit his head on a tomb and died.

7. Runebound 3rd Edition – three new expansions were added this year, and it is a lovely looking game. However other solo options have kept this off the table for most of the year, but when i do play it, i always really enjoy it and think i should play it more.

8. Battlelore 2nd Edition – one of the few games my teenage son will still play, it saw more gaming this year and worried by a likely end of official support i went and bought a couple of expansions, and as a result my interest in the game has risen too.

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