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A Look Back At 2015

descentThis is a summary of the board games that saw the most interest, play, hobby time and enjoyment in 2015. This is not necessarily a direct reflection of my all time favourite games, but shows where i have putting most resource, hobby interest and funding this year, and may include games i do not own. This was a year for family games, and the start of some group campaigning.

1. Descent 2nd Edition – this game saw the most home play and hobby time by far, i painted up the core set and some expansions and invested more time and money into this than any other game. I also wrote some new scenarios using the Quest Vault. It has been a very popular family game.

2. Imperial Assault – the gaming group played the core box campaign over many months this year. Whilst i personally own Descent 2nd edition edition instead of this, both games are fantastic with a very similar feel.

3. Smallworld – the most played family game at home and also with our wider relatives. Some small monster expansion packs were added in to boost the army options available.

4. Thunderstone Advance – one of my teenagers favourite games, which has seen a few expansions added this year to build it into quite a large card collection, filling two large core boxes. I have huge variety now and it has been great fun collecting it. I am quite proud of this collection.

5. Lord of the Rings LCG – this game still gets a lot of solo play, but after completing the Dwarrowdelf cycle in 2014 the game slightly lost some interest and i have found Voice of Isengard seems to be getting much harder to beat. I have taken a break in play for the last few months, but it remains one of my favourite solo games.

6. Battlelore 2nd Edition – another home favourite which has seen a few battles this year, most of which my son has won. A lovely two player battle game which is relatively quick to set up and complete. This is a a wargame slimmed down into a boardgame and it is great fun.

7. Kingsburg – another family favourite which was expanded by To Forge A Realm and is popular at home. This recommended expansions that adds in a few extras without changing the game too much. A great worker placement game, with dice.

8. Abyss – a beautiful looking game that has been enjoyed occasionally at home, with family and with the gaming group. Contains some of the best game art around and has a choice of boxes, i got the war one in a lucky dip with amazon.