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Oathsworn – Painting Journey (2022)

Oathsworn arrived in July 2022, one of the most anticipated kickstarter games i have ever had. The free company sculpts are really good, but the creatures and monsters will be so exciting to open and paint over time. Given this game is all about surprises right now, my website will not showcase all the many monsters until the time comes when everyone seems to decide it is ok to do so. That said there is an initial creature that is already known. This game will be a slow burner, only painting what i need as i open them.

July 2022 – it all starts with the giant rat, which is definately one my most favourite monsters of any game i have painted. I decided to go with a brown rat coloration and for the first time utilised one of the citadel colour contrast range called garaghak’s sewer on top of wraith bone undercoat. It all went pretty well especially for a fur look giving a varied shade, and with drybrush shading on top. The exposed skin i really wanted to stand out. I am very happy with the results, and I could still touch up the little rats endlessly but you have to move on eventually as there is a lot to get through.

The Priest – i largely went with his game artwork brief, he looks good and was pretty easy to paint too.

The Avi Harbinger, a birdlike character who i went with a dark cloak, bronze armor and blue tinted feathers.