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Descent – Painting Journey

Manor Of Ravens

Slowly the collection continues and the latest box expansion i received was last christmas, Manor of Ravens, which i have now finished painting up. I always seem to get painting when the warmer weather arrives, and this was a nice box to do in the end, with a female knight hero and witch hunter style characters, some wraiths that were an easy paint and came up really well, and the bandits which i was not looking forward to much but some speedier painting they were pretty quick to do in the end. The question is whether i add the golem boss monster, as he is pricey really for what you get.


I have this year also added a couple of lieutenants to my collection. I originally focused on getting the bigger and better models from the expansions, but i have now added characters who have been written into the Road to Legend storyline, such as Belthir and Merrick Farrow.

Now i really must get started on Nerekhall as this is the one i keep putting off, but i feel its time has arrived.

You can see more painted expansion set pictures here > Descent 2nd Edition