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Descent 2nd Edition – Painting Journey (2015-2019)


Descent 2nd edition has been a game i collected and loved since 2015 and saw my return to painting models after a break of around ten years. Not all of this journey is fully documented historically, but it became a Christmas tradition to add Descent expansions to my gift list, and spend the year painting it up. This version of the game is now coming to an end with the release of Descent Legends of the Dark due out in 2021, but all the models i have painted for this game can be viewed within my dedicated expansion webpage > Descent 2nd Edition

Painting began in 2015 with the core set which has a huge selection of 8 heroes and 31 monsters, one of the best value sets around. Miniatures were a slightly smaller scale than most dungeon crawlers, although towards the end the producers had started to increase this scale a little.
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I added a few Lieutenants to my collection. I originally focused on getting the bigger and better models from the expansions, but i have now added characters who have been written into the Road to Legend storyline, such as Belthir and Merrick Farrow.
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Stewards of the Secret –  the last and one of my favourite heroes and monsters box sets with four really nice looking heroes and some amazing large monsters.
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Many more expansions were added and painted, the only box i own and have yet to start painting is Nerekhall as this is the one i kept putting off. You can see more painted expansion set pictures here > Descent 2nd Edition