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Campaign (models)

Some large box campaign games are very similar to fantasy dungeon crawlers, and feature miniatures as a key selling point, with missions set over multiple plays. While these could be grouped with the dungeon crawlers i prefer to separated them due to the overall theme being less generic fantasy, or mechanics that move away from dungeon exploration. These are usually best for group play and I generally do not keep many of these :

1. Nemesis (2018) – Awaken Realms

This is a co-operative and optionally competitive hybrid survival game set on a dark space ship, with a strong aliens theme and amazing production quality. Each of the six characters in the core set have unique skills and strengths and you will play to survive and escape from the ship, but with your own secret agendas and objectives to complete, some of which can be traitor style if selected. Playing Nemesis produces tension and atmosphere and you will soon be needing multiple rooms or items to survive or remove contamination, as well as ensuring the ship is not destroyed by fire or mechanical breakdown. While this game is geared more towards one shot games, there are two campaign story books to work through as well and the alien miniatures are excellent. My more detailed overview > Nemesis


2. Tainted Grail (2019) – Awaken Realms

This is a solo or cooperative story adventure experience, where you will play as a flawed hero in a dying land which is sinking into wyrdness. Guardian menhirs are huge statues which have held back the destruction for many years, but they are failing, and as they are the only way to ensure safe travel throughout the realm you must keep them lit while you explore. The story game is built in chapters, each requiring you to complete one or more quests by uncovering remote locations, finding secret artefacts or learning hidden truths, there will be puzzles and branching paths, with difficult decisions to make, often with ongoing consequences within the game. The world is created by large beautifully illustrated map cards, and the general artwork and component quality is really nice. My more detailed overview > Tainted Grail


3. Gloomhaven (2017) / Jaws of the Lion (2020) – Cephalofair

A co-operative tactical campaign adventure with a dungeon setting and branching storyline pathways, more a series of strategy combat challenges than a roaming dungeon crawl. It is less miniature dependent and is driven by card hand management, a legacy style game where characters will eventually be retired to bring in new ones to the game. Game balance is well executed, scenarios are closely fought and monster difficulty is easy to change using statistics discs. Combat is card based choosing two cards to combine and play each round, and these also represent your stamina. This game is an ideal campaign for players liking a deeper and longer term co-operative challenge. A starter set Jaws of the Lion was released in 2020 with four characters and is a nice scaled down version, with easier to learn rules progression. My more detailed overview > Jaws of the Lion

Previously Owned Alternative Campaign Games …due to space and funding restrictions i regularly trade out games to fund and try newer ones, producing an ever changing favourites list, but one of these games may be right for you.
Middara (2019) – a huge anime based miniatures campaign adventure game, driven by a giant storybook, where you will undertake linked adventures which may result in slightly different story paths. My more detailed overview > Middara
Sine Tempore (2019) – a miniatures based co-operative space campaign where a party of four heroes are scouting out planets in search of a new homeworld. My more detailed overview > Sine Tempore
Kingdom Death: Monster (2015) – a miniatures heavy co-operative campaign set in a nightmare world where you take settlement survivors on a journey through many lantern years fighting strange creatures. My more detailed overview > Kingdom Death
Hybrid (2003) / Tannhauser (2007) / Claustrophobia (2009) / Space Hulk (2014)  – all great model based two player competitive campaign battles in varying themes, but were replaced to invest in more co-operative style games