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Warhammer Quest – Slambo

Games Workshop have just released an old favourite Chaos Warrior model in a new upgraded format, known as Slambo and the painted model on their main website and box cover is unbelievable. The great news is they have really got behind this character and produced some Warhammer Quest hero rules for him in the White Dwarf march edition.

Such was the draw of getting my own new chaos warrior that I remember from my Heroquest days, that I picked him up and painted him ahead of all the Shadows of Hammerhal models. I plan to use him not only as a hero, as he is a little overpowered really, but as an end boss enemy in Hammerhal maybe with his own dungeon level. I have begun to put together some enemy behaviour rules ideas based off his hero statistics. I couldn’t hope to match the metallic paint job some people can produce, but my own version of Slambo is nice enough, and he is a great model and size scale wise is bigger and in line with the other SIlver Tower and Hammerhal characters.