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Silver Tower – Painting Journey

stw1Warhammer Quest Silver Tower was the first in a new series of branded dungeon crawlers from Games Workshop in 2016. It was a modelling hobby product, and the 51 included miniatures are exceptionally good. I was not writing up a painting journey at the time i painted the set in 2016-17, but i decided to look back on it during the build up to the new and exciting 4th release in the series to be called Cursed City. As a model set i think this remains my favoured one compared to Shadows over Hammerhal and Blackstone Fortress, although they are all great game sets. I rushed some of the painting at the time and am currently revisiting a few models to add some finished touches.

The first three heroes include the Darkoath Chieftain, Fireslayer Doomseeker dwarf and Tenebrael Shard elf.

The next three heroes are the Mistweaver, Warpriest, and Knight-Questor.

The two main enemy bosses, a huge Ogroid and the Silver Tower Sorceror, these remain two of the best enemies from the whole series.

The Tzaangors come as two sets of the same models, so i decided to paint them in alternative colours, green & orange and blue & purple. I really like these part bird models.

The acolytes similarly are two sets of the same models, so again i split them into a more standard human skin and decided to paint a corrupted blue skin set with red shields and armour. It seemed a good idea at the time anyway.

Next are the Skaven Deathrunners and Scuttlings, the Silver Tower version of mutated goblins. Again great models and nice to have something other than another standard goblin set.

The Chaos Horrors coming in pink, blue and brimstone versions.

And finally the small familiars which again i split into two colours to separate and distinguish them.

I am pretty happy with how this set ended up and the photos are not the best. There was a lot to paint here, and i recall that i did start to rush it a little once i knew Hammerhal was coming out. Soon we will head onto this years project Cursed City which is a whopping 60 miniatures so it is going to be another big project.