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Shadows of Brimstone – Painting Journey

brimstoneswampsSwamps of Death is the Brimstone set i chose to build and paint, and while i have been hesitant to buy into this game in the past due to the perceived lower model quality and poor sprue design, i finally gave in with the revised edition. I must say i have been unexpectedly pleased with the set including the models and they have really improved the design. Painting began upon receipt in March 2021 and took four weeks, and has been a really enjoyable experience. The Old West combined with Cthulhu vibe is a different theme than usual for me, and my completed dungeon crawl sets.

Starting with the easiest creatures, the tentacles, which come in three pairs and so i decided on differential colours for each group.
The hell bats are next, six models but all with the same build, so i went with two groups here, a green and red set.
The Slashers are some of my favourite creatures from the game and they look great. I always seem to enjoy doing armored shells as it suits my drybrush style, and these are neat models with their razor claws.
A good start for the first week of owning the game, next i moved onto the heroes which are again nice miniatures and look a real improvement over the originals, with good poses and a more solid design. They stand up well against the other sets i have painted.
The Harbinger beast is excellent, a superb end boss monster which paints up really well, with huge bat-like wings and some nice texturing. I am hard pushed to think of many better monsters amongst my games other than Vastaryous from Sword & Sorcery, and its size for a base set is amazing, easily making Swamps the best Brimstone core set for me.
The final creatures of the set are the undead zombies, and here we have twelve in repetitive sculpts of four, although you can make some minor tweaks on the arms for two from each sprue. I have held an underlying red theme throughout the painting of the set and so the first four have been completed to compliment this. The remaining ones will be green and probably blue. I am pleased to get this core box completed in under a month.