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Ravage : Dungeons of Plunder

ravageboxRavage is a smaller box dungeon crawl game released in 2018 which features standees instead of the usual plastic models and cards to generate the map rather than thicker floor tiles. It has various options of playing the game including a competitive treachery mode, but is most successful as a co-operative or solo game.ravageorc

In Ravage you will unusually play as an Orc hero, with four to choose from, a berserker focusing on frenzied attacks, a shaman who can transform into a raven or a bear, or cultist who drains life and summons undead and headhunter who uses poison and flaming arrows. Each hero has a nice board and a set of weapons and ability cards that require energy to use, unleashing devastating attacks on the enemies. Spent energy also turns into experience which will enable you to level up your ability cards by turning them over to a stronger side. You will also be able to buy new equipment from the dungeon resident goblin.

There is a good selection of monster types in the game, represented by standees, which come in different levels. There are boss monsters too which have their own actions deck to spice up their combat styles. Dice combat is light in it’s complexity, rolling dice to hit or instead generate the energy you need for future improvements, with enemies rolling similar dice as defense to block attacks.ravagesnake

Dungeons are randomly built by drawing from a deck of cards each turn as you explore, with corridors and room cards, there will be the usual traps to find along with extra event locations such as healing fountains or energy shrines. Some important locations such as the snake pit are created by combining a number of cards to make a larger room. The game comes with eight quests in the original box, however as a further development a couple more were made available by download with connecting storyline, and shows ongoing game support from the designer. Indeed a new version of the game is potentially coming to kickstarter in 2021 called Swamps of Delgor, and this should be compatible with the content from Ravage.

This game is great if you want a dungeon crawl on a smaller and cheaper scale and without all the plastic miniatures. What makes this game special is the artwork style which is especially good throughout with neat logo symbols on the card backs and great monster drawings. The gameplay is not overly deep, but quests are varied and fun to play and overall against strong competition it has kept a place in my collection.