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wqcursed1For 2021 I decided to undertake some large scale updating to improve the website. I have shortened the highlights briefing on each of the main category pages but am now giving all games i own their own longer review post with a more standard presentation style, some extra images and adding expansions information. I hope you enjoy the results.

After a lighter year of new games received in 2020, the new year saw me back in full swing already with Primeval : The Awakening and Aventuria on kickstarter catching my attention for funding, plus the expansions for Everdell. More recently The Witcher has caught my attention as a rival for Runebound 3rd edition.

Games Workshop will be releasing the 4th Warhammer Quest box set in the new series called Cursed City which is due in April, and this to me looks like the best one yet, both for the undead theme, the improvements to gameplay with some character levelling and models that just look so cool that another painting journey is required. It has definitely put to death any thoughts of getting Massive Darkness 2 and i dropped my pledge on that one as i am just not taken with the general theme and the brands general gameplay implementation is not the best.

I have been busy in the transfer market early this year, adding Dice Throne Adventures and Sleeping Gods neither of which i had kickstarted, but wanted to give it a try, and have made a return to Pathfinder Adventure Card Game – Rise of the Runelords.

To offset some of these costs i sold Dungeon Alliance plus its expansions, and my main core box of Gloomhaven which has really had its game time now, but i have currently kept Jaws of the Lion. I am seriously reviewing the complexity of the games i own and buy now, as those with too many rules to digest and heavy set up i am realising just do not get played solo as i am too tired to bother. This is leading to some changes in my favourite games list this year.