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Cursed City – Variants & Expansions

wqcursedboxWarhammer Quest Cursed City is the 4th in the Games Workshop series of new quest games. It is an amazing hobby product with excellent undead themes, superb models and a really nice mix of different quest types including hunt missions, deliverance escape, scavenge searches and then six main boss battles. Whilst not all these quests have been a total success as originally written, the attempt to try and vary things up to avoid the overly repetitive missions seen in Blackstone Fortress are commendable. Despite a rocky launch the game is being re-printed in 2022 with news of expansions coming too. In the meantime, fans of the game are cracking on with designing modifications and expansions and so i decided to collect a few that i think are the better ones here for reference purposes.

Challenges & Encounters

cursedchainraspPeter Cooper is know for his excellent work expanding Silver Tower and Shadows over Hammerhal into a huge campaign and he is now developing a comprehensive reworking of some of the Cursed City game mechanics including adding challenges and new encounters, complete with new enemy cards. This comprehensive work is going to be for the hobbyist fan who is happy to print out new cards and work with new rules to enhance their game, and if anything this will feel like having a new expansion. The amount of effort going into this cannot be underestimated, the challenge cards give meaning to the fear and influence levels in the city and come in three difficulty levels. Rules for the journeys have been tweaked, largely to reduce the time length but also to make them a little more interesting, and added to these are easy to reference cards for heroes, hostiles and terrain. The most exciting addition are the new encounter cards and enemy cards, which not only re-write the box enemies, adding new abilities such as regroup and assault behaviours, but also then add in brand new enemies which so far include deathrattle skeletons, ghouls, fell bats, banshees, glaivewraiths, crypt horrors, chainrasps, vargheists and vampiric courtiers plus character wise a necromancer and vampire prince. These new encounters will really help you expand your game and currently focus on using warband sets from Warhammer Underworlds which is a very neat way to expand in my opinion. I cannot recommend this more highly at the moment, and i have already bought a couple of warbands myself to add the encounters in for additional variety. There could be a lot more to come, and i will keep updating as things progress. The main new content is covered on boardgamegeek with files on googledrive

The Briar Queen

briarqueenBeyond Precipice have created an expansion scenario complete with printable discovery, encounters, enemy cards and empowerments based on the Briar Queen set from Warhammer Underworlds. This is a really professionally put together piece of work with themed Curse City artwork and even comes with its own crisis and event tables. Whilst i have not yet tested it, the way it incorporates this mission into the existing game via a banshee encounter and then a deliverance mission before revealing the Briar Queen lair is really well done. As i own the Nightvaults box already, this is really nice surprise as it uses all the warband models as enemies within the quest. You can find the main file at their beyond precipice facebook page.

Enemy Respawn Timing

wqcursedgorslavfullDeveloped by the channel Always Board Never Boring this variant helps to reduce hero downtime due to slow enemy spawning in two ways. First enemies no longer spawn at the furthest away gate but at a random gate (rolled by dice). This was a change i was already using in my own missions. Secondly enemies are no longer removed from the board by being ‘driven off’ during their activation (which continues regardless of how few enemy models remain), however then before the event phase undertake a check for ‘driven off’ for all enemy groups on the board, and immediately replace with a new card face down on the track. During the next activation round, when an enemy face down card is flipped, the enemy revealed gets to make a standard advance action as soon as it is revealed – or to add even more difficulty consider allowing a behaviour table roll instead. These recommended minor enemy timing changes will mean enemies remain longer and respawn quicker, keeping you under pressure for longer, and are easy to implement without a lot of work as they are just timing changes. A video of these amendments is at Always Board Never Boring. There are also some quick hero levelling rules in this video.

Dungeon Crawl Journeys

cursedcityroomDeveloped by Jose Zamalloa this turns the hunt and scavenge missions into a random exploration deck adventure very similar to the original 1995 edition. The rules are available from facebook groups but you can also watch a great video tutorial at NomadCaravan Tales.  You build an exploration deck to draw from using your box exploration cards, and tiles are revealed through a hero exploration action as you progress. T junctions may split your route into different paths, and there is a secret hideout or cursed room to find, opened using a key. It also uses the destiny dice roll for ambush and counter attack effects. If you are a fan of the original Warhammer Quest game then this is highly recommended, but will require a little preparation work to understand and build the exploration deck. I was planning to write a 1995 adaptation of this game myself, but this pretty much covers it and is a great variant to mix in alongside more regular hunt and scavenge missions as an alternative.

Destiny Event Table 

Developed by Joel Eddy (Drive Through Games) and Nicolas Picouet this adds a table to roll on while in the destiny dice phase, an idea that was added into Blackstone Fortress. This adds modifications to the game to make it harder, giving the city an extra chance to fight back. It is a quick and simple addition that requires little effort to adopt, and uses any dice multiples rolled during the destiny phase of the game. The downloadable file is on boardgamegeek.

Custom Heroes

annikaAn assortment of custom heroes are being developed by Wilting Moon which include Lady Annika and the Rat Prince, two new models recently released, plus two other characters from the Direchasm core box. These are still in the developmental stage but you may want to help test them out if the characters interest you.  Files are available on googledrive

There will be other ideas and variants out for sure, and i am not looking for cover everything but to recommend a few of the best ideas as a reference location when you are considering how to amend your own adventures. My thanks to everyone making a contribution to improving and enhancing this great game.