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Cursed City – Painting Journey

wqcursedcityboxCursed City is the fourth in the new series of Warhammer Quest box sets, released in April 2021, with an undead setting. I will be undertaking another painting journey with this release over the coming months, and whilst i not aiming for painting perfection, i do want to do a decent job if i can. I have a loose goal of taking Sundays as my build day and painting one model a day on average across the rest of the week, making it a ten week plan, and we will see how that goes.

Week 1 (11th April) – the new set begins with some Rat Swarms, which i thought would be fairly quick to complete, but were really not, as i wanted to pick out individual rats to make the swarm as a whole stand out well in these groups at least. I decided to make the larger blood rat quite bold, and also am adding flock to the enemy bases this time for a change.
Next from the first sprue are Bat Swarms, which are quite delicate, and beautifully sculpted. I went with a reddish brown wing combination for the swarms but then tried an experiment on the large dire bat with a deep purple coloration. I think i will do the other bats in the same red colouration and maybe the other dire bat as black winged. Week one is on track.
Week 2 (18th April) – the first zombie pack was next. Now i was not overly fond of these as i made them, all being bent over from carrying their gravestones, they are an acquired taste, but they look better painted up. These are my least favourite models in the set though.
Making good progress this week i also completed the first five mysterious objects. These are pretty cool extra features to place within the city and i like them a lot. I am ahead of the daily challenge, although these were the smallest models.
Week 3 (25th April) – the skeletons are the final group on the first large sprue and i really enjoyed painting these. I decided to go with the red cloaks but made the armour a little deeper on the green, plus i decided on green tinged weapon blades. I am really pleased how these have come out. The photo shows them up as a lot brighter than they really are.
Cursed City on its release comes with a novel and this has a unique character card which will enable you to add a battle mage called Morrvahl Olbrecht. As a warm up i re-painted and re-based a model from the original Warhammer Quest (1995) line, which i will use as my mage, as I do not propose to buy the mage box set just to get the matching figure.