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Cursed City – Painting Journey

wqcursedcityboxCursed City is the fourth in the new series of Warhammer Quest box sets, released in April 2021, with an undead setting. I will be undertaking another painting journey with this release and whilst not aiming for painting perfection, i do want to do a decent job if i can on the set. I have a goal of taking Sundays as my build day and painting one model a day on average across the rest of the week, making it a ten week plan, and we will see how that goes. I will then return to touch up models here and there.

Week 1 (18th April 21) – the new set begins with some Corpse Rat Swarms, which i thought would be fairly quick to complete, but took longer where i wanted to pick out individual rats in some groups to make the swarm stand out.  I decided to mix up the paint groups with a separate brown and black rat groups plus two mixed ones. I wanted the large blood rat quite bold, and decided to add an albino grey rat for the other boss group. I am also adding flock to enemy bases this set for a change.
Week 2 (25th April 21) – the first Deadwalker Zombies pack was next. Now i was not overly fond of these as i made them, all being bent over from carrying their gravestones, they are an acquired taste, but they look better painted up. These are my least favourite models in the set though and i decided on a different clothing colour for each model. The interweaving root tendrils are quite neat.
Week 3 (2nd May 21) – the Mysterious Objects and environmental items were individually quick to do due to their size and simplicity but they do make a difference when placed on the boards to add extra depth and interest rather than just having tokens, and are a great production idea. I tried to make each pair of slightly different colours rather than uniform.
Week 4 (9th May 21) – the Ulfenwatch Skeletons are the final group on the first large sprue and i really enjoyed painting these. I decided to go with two schemes and this one has the red cloaks with armour a little deeper on the green than i would normally do, plus green tinged weapon blades. I am really pleased how these stand out.
Week 5 (16th May 21) – onto some of the larger models we have the main enemy Radakar The Wolf with his furs and Brutogg Corpse-Eater hero. These are two of the best models in the game with a chunky appearance and they appeared to paint up really well. I spent a longer time on the Dagnai Holdenstock dwarf hero as he had so many little details and metallic areas to sort out, but i did a much better job than my Hammerhal Cogsmith one. The giant Vargskyr is a real beauty, i went with the standard lighter skin approach and dark hair to make it really stand out and am pleased with this one.
Week 6 (23rd May 21) – this week the second group of Ulfenwatch in different coloration, mainly to allow two different groups in play at once, plus it is nice to do alternative paintwork. These have a bronze armour look with purple cloaks, with the red flag a nod back to the other group colours. Watch Captain Halgrim completes the skeletons, this one i went with dark armour with a hint of blue and took shades of greys for the cloak. Gorslav the Gravekeeper is one of the more unique boss enemies in the game and i decided on dark red weather clothing with green and purple tinted skin.
Week 7 (30th May 21) – the Bat Swarms are quite delicate, and beautifully sculpted, and I completed these in a black winged bat group and another reddish brown. I experimented a little with one larger dire bat using a deep purple coloration alongside a more standard black one.
Week 8 (7th June 21) – The Kosargi Nightguard, two brutish undead ogors mostly seen with red coats but i decided to go with more of a worn leather appearance. Captain Emelda Braskov is a great model, quite tricky to paint to make the armour sections stand out, and I went with a mix of blues and browns, but i have not built up the confidence to freehand on the white cloth.
The main witch hunter Jelsen Darrock i really wanted to get right, and i went with a dark red velvet hat and belt. I then wanted to tie Glaurio Ven Alten III as a second hunter and so used the red for his leather jacket to make them a team. I plan to add two more consistently coloured hunters to make a group of four eventually.
Week 9 (14th June 21) – Qualthis The Exile is another superbly animated model which i kept to my favourite wood elf green colours with pleasing results. Cleona Nightingale is the priest hero where I preferred not to go with the usual red and white clothing as i really wanted to keep red based colours more for the witch hunters, so i decided on blues and greys and i do like how it came out. Octren Glimscry is the book wielder and i stuck with the standard painting of purple and greys for this one.
Week 10 (21st June 21) – the final week of the ten and Torgillius the Chamberlain is a druid style boss enemy complete with an entourage of creatures, a great model and green does seem the right colour for him. The final three models are the Vyrkos Blood-born.
April 2021 – Cursed City on its release comes with a novel and this has a unique character card which will enable you to add a battle mage called Morrvahl Olbrecht. As a warm up i re-painted and re-based a model from the original Warhammer Quest (1995) line, which i will use as my mage, as I do not propose to buy the mage box set just to get the matching figure.
May 2021 – the Sepulchral Guards from Warhammer Underworlds have been added to my game set. There are already custom made rules written and cards to print off for these, and getting the Underworlds warbands as new Cursed City enemies are a great addition as they look slightly different to the Ulfenwatch skeletons.