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Altar Quest – Painting Journey

altarboxAltar Quest is not specifically on my painting list as Warhammer Quest Cursed City is coming soon, however i am enjoying the game so i decided to make a start on it. My aim is for enough from the core set for two players, which means that i do not only need to paint ever model in the set initially due to the spawn conditions from the threat cards scaling with the player count. Generally i have decided to go with the standard artwork colours, although i may switch up some of the enemies to allow me to use without the base disks.

First the four main heroes from the core set, a varied team of Rowen Loffin an Indiana Jones in hobbit form, and my favourite model in the game, making traps and cooking food buffs, swinging around using his rope, and throwing knives. He is of course not the strongest hero around, but he is great fun. Sedrin Highmoor a cleric character, healing and protecting the group with his prayers. Quella is a part human and bird mage character and Myreen Duvall the armored vampire fighter warrior. Overall a very cool team of characters.

The Frox are a neat enemy group that inhabit the dungeons, frog creatures that come in the form of raiders (fighters), muckslingers (ranged blow dart) and bogmancers (shaman).  These are a really cool alternative to the usual goblins or rat dwellers that we usually see, and are quite small. I have done three for each which is more than enough for my player count.
The altar itself which looks great painted up, and alongside the Frox boss for a size comparison, he is a giant compared to the minions
  Surrounded !
Tray one complete – and my goodness there is still a lot more in tray two underneath … but what a neat set and i really enjoyed painting the room scenery as it made a nice change