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Adventure (questing)

An alternative to dungeon exploring is outdoor co-operative adventuring, where the focus is movement, exploration and completing quests across a revealing map, with character development and variable encounters each game. This list leans more towards being very successful at the solo or two player count and a game scenario is usually playable in one evening without requiring ongoing save positions :

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1. Runebound 3rd Edition (2015) – Fantasy Flight

A wilderness adventure game where heroes travel across the beautiful world map to complete quests and develop ready to take on a final challenge. This latest edition contains varied skills and equipment development, an interesting combat mechanic through a token throwing system, and time limited scenarios which push you onwards and make your game choices more urgent and important. The production quality of the board and cards is amazing, and the game tells a thematic story, with each scenario having its own unique story card deck. It provides one of the best terrain travelling mechanism using dice, and an interactive challenge and character story, and is best played with one to three players. The ‘Unbreakable Bonds’ expansion really made this game into one the best adventures around. My more detailed overview > Runebound 3rd Edition

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2. City of Kings (2018) – City of Games

A tactical roleplaying game which can be played solo or co-operative, where you embark on individual scenarios or follow a longer story. Heroes will explore a broken world, while workers search for vital resources. Each of the six characters has a lovely board and unique skills tree, but free choice to specialise in attacking, healing, worker management or gaining their special skills. You explore across the hidden realm by turning over tiles, discovering locations, side quests, hazards, and creatures that will need to be defeated. This is a strategic game with great artwork where movement and positioning will be important, as are decisions about what to upgrade and when. It is an immensely satisfying experience, scenarios appear well balanced, and each game you can try out different ideas as you progress. My more detailed overview > City of Kings

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3. Hexplore It : Forests of Adrimon (2019) – Mariucci J Designs

A roleplaying adventure game where you are taking on an evil sorceress who is trying to enslave the forest dwellers. Your heroes are searching for relic fragments to create powerful talisman and will be able to gain favours from the forest spirits, sneak into the cities, move though the fey-realm and interact with the Dryad, a powerful ally. It is very roleplay centric in that you have basic skills to move, search for treasure and survive in the forests, alongside combat abilities of attack and defence and two clever mastery skills. The game involves you upgrading your skills board using a mark and wipe process, and exploration is extremely freeform in style as you can explore where you want across the map which has quest destinations to progress your story. An excellent solo or two player game with lovely artwork and components. My more detailed overview > Hexplore It

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4. Mage Knight (2011) – WizKids

Considered by many as the ultimate solo adventure game, this is an exploration game across a revealing map with your mage hero who levels up, strengthens his powers and recruits followers in order to achieve his objective. The game has light elements of deck building, but its main mechanic is to manage your hand of cards each round to its best potential, using mana or crystals to boost or change the cards powers, and the game is a puzzle and an adventure rolled into one package. The components are good with painted models, nicely illustrated hexagonal tiles, excellent card art, although monster tokens could have been bigger sized to make them more interesting. This is a complex game and combat rules especially are tough to remember, but I really find the hand management choices it brings an addictive experience. My more detailed overview > Mage Knight

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5. Gloom of Kilforth (2017) – Hall or Nothing

This card based fantasy adventure game sees heroes move around a map of 25 locations, encountering events, meeting strangers or fighting monsters, trying to complete their quest line. At the end of their journey lies an ancient enemy plotting against them that you must defeat to win the game. Time is precious though, as the locations are falling into gloom each night and when this takes over the whole map you will lose. The game distils a story about your hero into one game session, and as you play you will obtain new skills, items and spells, largely through encounters or competing quest stages, and each game offers up a different journey. The artwork in this game is truly amazing, and to get the best from the game you need to use your imagination to convert your encounters into a storyline. My more detailed overview > Gloom of Kilforth

Previously Owned Co-op Adventure Exploration Games… due to space and funding restrictions i regularly trade out games to try newer ones, producing an ever changing favourites list, but one of these other great games may be right for you.
Runebound 2nd (2005) – world map exploring adventures, a really great game only replaced by the release of Runebound 3rd edition