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Monthly Archive: December 2020

Tidal Blades

Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef is a worker placement game with dice upgrading, which arrived in 2020 and is set on a beautiful island resort. The game is strikingly stunning with the artwork arguably some of the best you…
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Abyss is a card drafting game where your goal is to gain the most influence and rule the undersea world. Its original release in 2014 came with five different box covers to choose from and i ended up in my…
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Everdell is a worker placement game which was released in 2018 where you construct your village adding buildings and fill it with cute woodland critters, gaining points for card combinations and achieving goals. There are a number of beautiful looking…
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Sword & Sorcery

This dungeon crawler was originally a kickstarter release in 2017, and subsequently has been released retail via a main core set and many add on expansions. It is a scenario based co-operative campaign game, where each quest mission is laid out…
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City Of Kings

City of Kings was a kickstarter that delivered in 2018, a co-operative tactical role-playing board game blending character development with worker placement and resource management. Characters explore a world called the Ageless Realms which is being overrun by monsters, discovering…
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