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The Revolving Shelf

eldritch1I only allow myself to keep a maximum of 40 games with expansions. This is partly storage space related, but also as i invest in new games i try to fund from ones that have had a good run in my collection or gone out of favour, as there are only so many games you can realistically play regularly. So this is a list of the games that i have removed from my lists and sold during 2019, with some quick thoughts on why.

Eldritch Horror & Elder Sign – two co-operative games with the Cthulhu theme, i have been really fond of Eldritch Horror in particular over the years which i have now bought and sold twice.  I really like the co-operative adventure it brings, and occasionally i decide i want to replay it, however its card story text is not always joined up in context with the game you are playing. In the end i have conceded that i preferred Darkest Night 2nd Edition and Runebound 3rd Edition as threat countdown co-operative games for their theme and gameplay. I am ultimately more invested in fantasy than horror genres.

Spirit Island – this one was the hardest decision this year as it is certainly one of the great co-operative games, and i still keep a recommendation on the site. However as a strategy game rather than an adventure i just do not tend to solo play it much, and the win mechanics can feel a little anticlimactic at times. The card play and player boards are lovely, but my friend does have a copy we can play occasionally, and i wanted to re-purchase Dungeon Alliance after receiving the kickstarter story expansions, as i find the card drafting there a little more engaging for solo games. So it was a direct swap back as i had in fact sold Dungeon Alliance last year to fund Spirit Island.

King of Tokyo & Jamaica – family games get less play nowadays as my son is 17 and my games group has a lot of choices to compete with. I really like Jamaica and would always play it, but with Bat Cup arriving and Flamme Rouge in my collection i felt that i had one too many fun racing games. King of Tokyo is a dice rolling game owned also by others in the group, and as it was now a rare game to hit my table at home i decided to part with it.

Legend of Drizzt – with the arrival of Sine Tempore i needed to trim my campaign style games again. This game has fond memories when my son and his cousins were younger and it is really easy to teach and play in a quicker session, however i have moved onto using the Warhammer Quest series as the better entry point game now, and dropped the Dungeons & Dragons system.

These sales have helped fund the return to my collection of Dungeon Alliance, plus the new twin boxes of Legends Untold and enabled me to kickstarter pledge for CloudspireAltar Quest and Trudvang Legends. I am a little unsure about Cloudspire but felt it was worth giving it a chance.