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Sword & Sorcery – Painting Journey

Sword & Sorcery is now a year old in my collection and after my initial run on painting the core set heroes, I have been slow to continue my progress, despite really liking this game. Going with one set of hero models to use for both chaos and lawful aligned characters, i have just taken a new set of pictures of my original heroes, alongside some newly painted expansion characters.

The painting project begun last July with Ecarus the knight, my favourite hero model from the core set, followed by Shae the rogue assassin, where a darker purple tone was used to reflect her more shady status.

Auriel the sorceress enchantress was painted in red with blonde wild hair, as i went for a more colourful look, and Thorgar, the dwarf was painted in bronze and black with his huge rune hammer, another awesome model.

Laegon, the elf archer and his wolf companion Fenric completed the initial hero set in a green based woodland style.









Onto some of the expansion heroes, Ryld the Blademaster has been added in purple and with a grey cloak, alongside Skeld, the dwarf barbarian berserker hero, with two axes and furs. Again both these models look great in play.

Kroghan, an armoured barbarian warrior from the north lands, complete with skulls and furs.

Painting enemies are always a bit more of a challenge to get motivated for, as you have to complete 5 models in a go. Two groups are done so far, the gremlins and raiders.

This project will continue slowly, it competes with Descent 2nd edition and Warhammer Quest for its painting time, and this is one of the bigger problems in liking multiple dungeon crawl games. I have been sadly lacking in getting more of this painted, something i need to try and rectify eventually.