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Hammerhal – Skaven Warband

The release of the chaos adversary pack has broadened the scope of Warhammer Quest and with three new quests released in White Dwarf, it included both a skaven and chaos warrior themed dungeons. I really enjoy expanding my quest games, and so i have been putting together some new enemies to populate Hammerhal, alongside a set of clanrats and night runners i had painted years ago and used within Warhammer Quest 1995. The new Shadespire warband was perfect to add some characters into the dungeon, both as a warlord and his henchmen, or to use as stormvermin, and so i set about painting my own set.

Here is the warband complete with some of the older night runners, which were painted a long long time ago now.

Expanding the dungeon is what i loved about the original 1995 game, and so it is great fun to be able to start to build a new theme for Hammerhal. My next plan is to look for the grey seer and maybe a couple of rat ogres to expand the new dungeon force.