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Hammerhal – Painting Blightkings

My Hammerhal box set has begun by building and painting the excellent Putrid Blightkings, my favourite models in this set. I love the fact that you have build alternatives with these models, so I decided to make them into mini characters to add a little extra interest for the dungeon master. This group has 7 vigour minimum and presents a tough challenge when compared to most Silver Tower enemies.

‘Spike’, a non standard build in that you don’t see it on the box or in magazines, and I went with the heavy green armour style to fit in with Slambo, and gave him a spikey horn helm. This is probably my favourite model of the set, and the rulebook gives him an extra vigour life point for having a shield.

‘Fang’ is the Blightlord, and is generally thought of as the leader and has much more of a deformed theme. There are some great painted examples of this one around, and his flesh tones are harder to blend well into a nice result. He is the only one in my unit without a helm which gives him some distinction. The Blightlord gets to roll one extra dice when he attacks so he will pack an extra punch, and dual weapons seems the best fit.

‘Bellringer’ is an interesting character, with options to carry either a giant tocsin bell or an axe, I went with the latter for a dungeon where a weapon seems far more useful, and gave him a flail of bells instead so he can still make a noise. Carrying a tocsin bell adds plus one movement to all Blightkings, and whilst I haven’t actually added the huge bell myself, I will still use Bellringer to bring this rule into play.

‘Moose’ I originally built as an icon bearer, which when present heals Blightkings one wound each round, but I felt it wasn’t overly interesting to carry around a huge war staff in a dungeon and was a little too static in its pose. I changed him into another shield bearer for the extra vigour point, and much prefer how he looks now. I plan to add the icon to the dungeon as a room item that you need to destroy.

‘Tank’ is the final Blightking character who has an unstoppable look to him, crashing through the dungeon towards the heroes. Having two weapons may allow him an extra dice to attack which is generally how the rules work with acolytes.

I am happy with the results of this set, I find skin harder to paint than anything else so this was a challenge.