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Kickstarter Deja Vu

In autumn 2015 i stumbled across the kickstarter world and discovered some amazing new fantasy adventure games being developed. At this time the first game i backed was Gloom of Kilforth, followed shortly afterwards by 7th Continent and Too Many Bones. Two years later these games were delivered and quickly became highly regarded and popular among gaming fans, so much so that there was demand for reprinting.

Two years on i now have a deja vu feeling, as all three of these games are back on kickstarter during October. These are not simply reprints such as seen with Gloomhaven, but are adding new expansion adventures into the mix. This is very exciting and i will give some extra detail and thoughts below :

Gloom of Kilforth – provides you with a chance to obtain the original core set, plus adds some pimping content which includes larger location cards, more dice, a larger drawstring bag and some new standees. I could almost resist this upgrade, however the larger location cards are extremely desirable given the amazing artwork they contain. The next addition is a new set of encounter cards, which being the area i felt the game may get a little repetitive, is a must have pack providing more story driving monsters and quests. Finally there are some new artwork cards which were a little more adult in theme and are just alternatives to the existing core box, and whilst these are more for the collector, the cost is low if you have added both the pimping and expansion packs. All in all this is a desirable package if funds allow, but if not then the new encounter pack is the one to consider first due to its extra gameplay variety > kickstarter link.

7th Continent – a chance to obtain the original black box set, plus any of the original add on purchases, and adding two new themed curse stories. ‘A Prison of Clouds’ sees you riding a hot air balloon high in the sky, landing around the island to adventure, and then in ‘Veins of the Earth’ you ride the underground rivers in the darkness. I find both these ideas very cool and interesting game additions. They have also added a journal binder in which you keep your satchel items, which is a nice touch. These new adventures seem like must have additions to what is one of the best games i have ever solo played. I would certainly buy these new adventures ahead of some of the older add-ons such as the weather, devourers, bone dice or notebook, which pimp out the production a little but are less important to the gameplay. However initially i still would want the Maze, Swamp and Sanctuary curse additions before the new curses. A new larger white box is also provided, and i would recommend a few card protectors just for the action cards, as these do see a lot of in play shuffling > kickstarter link.

Too Many Bones – Undertow is a new expansion for this wonderful dice heavy adventure game, but it also stands alone as a smaller full game in itself. Two new gearlocks will emerge, Duster the shadow assassin and Stanza the minstrel, with a riverbound storyline that is an exciting prospect. There will be another chance to buy the amazing original game, which is now one of my personal favourites of all time, plus add-ons such as adventure maps, premium chips (which are lovely) and dice trays. There is also some new content for the original game and a campaign being made available. Admittedly, I still have not played all the original 7 characters, but i like this game and its quality so much i already upgraded my own game with an adventure map and some heavier premium chips. Whilst I do not feel able to recommend one character over another, it is these that are surely where the best initial expansion value lies if you only have the core set, so i would aim for these ahead of the chips and dice trays. However everything here is so tempting and such nice quality > kickstarter link.