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Hammerhal – Painting Characters

Character models are largely more enjoyable to paint due to their specific personalities and I tend to take more time over them, I begun with the Chaos Lord, trying a black robed approach offset by gold armour.

My first completed hero is the Cogsmith, and whilst i prefer the Fireslayer dwarf from Silver Tower, this one is a combination of copper and silver metallic with armour, gadgets and weapons. I am adding flock to the hero bases as I did for Silver Tower to make them stand out a little more.

The Elf Loremaster is a great model, who i decided to paint in a green and brown wood elf theme style, as these have always been my favourite elven faction. I am really pleased with how he turned out. One of my better models for this set.

The Black Art Fleetmaster is another fantastic model, and now one of my all time favourites painted up. His cloak detail is amazing, I went for a predominantly purple colour with some gold effect to the cloak scales.

A month off from painting, but back now with Lord Castellant, who was a longer one paint up than usual. All the little details are easy to mess up, he looks a little better on the table than in the photo I think.

Lord Castellant comes with a gryph-hound, which came out pretty well.

All the characters are done at least until I go back and touch up a few things, just the 10 adepts left, although I can use my Silver Tower ones in the meantime.