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Hammerhal – Painting Bloodreavers

After the Blightkings i turned to the Bloodreavers, which are a similar in size to acolytes and is surprising when compared directly with a Slaughterpriest, who is arguably a giant. Bloodreavers are like chaos warriors but without the heavy armour and are largely armed with knives and axes. The bearded chieftain came in standard pose with two weapons, and he gets an extra dice to roll to attack. Alongside him is the hornblower, armed with an axe and getting an additional rule which gives all Bloodreavers a move of 5 while he is alive.

These models again have sprues open to some unique builds, and i decided to make a couple of elite Bloodreavers equipped with Blightking weapons. The first is an alternative chieftain leader, with a horned helmed and putrid sword stolen from the Blightkings who will get an extra dice to attack. My favourite model so far is a custom build flat helmed warrior with a stolen shield, with a nice attacking pose, and he will get an extra vigour point.

Now a couple of more normal Bloodreaver troops with two handed axes, moving in to attack the heroes.

The best thing about Quest is that I am not building an army so I can have slightly unique looking enemy characters. Here are my  two hybrid Nurgle Bloodreavers, one with a tentacle arm and the other with spiny growths starting on his back. These both were painted with green style Blightking armour and weaponry. I will use these when Bloodreavers are summoned alongside Blightkings or Slambo.

Just two more Bloodreavers to go, and another double handed weapon wielder and with a spiky helm.