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Gaming in 2020

machinaNew Games

Jaws of the Lion became my first new game i received in 2020, although as an owner of Gloomhaven it is very familiar already. A combination of delayed kickstarters and a feeling i already have a very solid top 20 now has helped me resist new purchases, however i keep expanding content for my favourites with Lord of the Rings LCG adventure packs, Everdell expansion boxes and Thunderstone Quest new adventures. Two games that will arrive this year are Altar Quest and Tidal Blades, and both of these are high on my excitement list.

Departing Games

I continue to sell games as new ones arrive, Keyforge a two player game that i just wasn’t able to get played, and Legends Untold which is a nice enough RPG card game but a little fiddly for a small box game and finally the giant boxes of Sine Tempore was sold now that we have played through the initial campaign – this is a really good game but there are other campaign games on the way, and of course larger group play time is even more restricted than it used to be.

Gaming Time

At the moment most of my home board gaming has been spent on painting up Sword & Sorcery, and playing Lord of the Ring LCG and Hexplore It. I have also been sifting through and playing Thunderstone Quest since the new expansions arrived, and breaking open Jaws of the Lion as a two player game, which is such a well put together introduction to Gloomhaven.

New News

I have kickstarter backed some follow-ups to existing games i own with Nemesis Lockdown and Massive Darkness 2, where i admit this is more collecting than desperately needed new content. New games backed include 7th Citadel and Machina Arcana, both currently on kickstarter, i am particularly excited to finally get on board with Machina Arcana, as i have almost backed this one twice before and dropped out at the last minute, however i am now persuaded by its solo game and its amazing presentation.

I am even more excited that Descent is getting a new huge box, it is not clear if this is a brand new 3rd version or a compatible one with 2nd edition, but i will be getting it regardless. The downside is that Descent 2nd edition expansion content is largely out of print and likely gone for good now, and there was a lot i had not bought, which is a little sad.