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Descent 2nd – Stewards of the Secret Painted

descentimageIt has always been my intention to continue to collect this game, but with new dungeon crawlers appearing, it is seemingly impossible to have enough painting time. As my Descent models have to all be painted for continuity, it means my need to purchase new content has really slowed down. However this particular box, while it has taken almost a year to complete due to distractions, is full of excellent models and is one of my favourite expansion sets this game offers. Here is the finally completed set, bar a few minor touch ups when i go back to the models one day.

I really want to purchase another box now, but i still have the Nerekhall expansion to paint so really i should resist this urge, but christmas is coming again so maybe i should continue an annual gift trend and get a new box. Here are some more of my Descent painted expansions > Descent 2nd Edition