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Blackstone Fortress – Painting Journey

blackstoneBlackstone Fortress is the third instalment in the new Warhammer Quest series, released in November 2018, and set in the 40,000 futuristic universe. It offers a new questing experience as you take on the role of a group of disparate explorers delving into the labyrinth of a vast and ancient space station, with more ranged combat and powerful weapons. I was not originally planning to embark on another painting journey, however the release of the first expansion with the ambull changed this and i was drawn into completing the trilogy. I do feel that painting this set is going to be much more interesting than the Hammerhal one given it has much more variety in the models. Be prepared for a relatively slow journey with this one though.

I simply could not resist starting my painting of this box with the dreaded ambull from the first expansion released in March 2019, as this is such an amazing creature to track down within the fortress. I decided to give it a crab-like shell armour which is very different from the way it is presented by games workshop, but i am really pleased with the results of the textures. The model is really as good as i hoped it would be for an iconic monster.
The reverse view of the creature, complete with his shell like armour and skin. A more muted colour scheme still seems to work well on this monster. It was a pleasure to paint this one.