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Monthly Update – February

February update – a brief monthly look at which games i am currently playing or spending my hobby time on.


Group Games

A number of different games being played at the moment with Sword & Sorcery starting up a two player campaign, Descent 2nd Edition returning to the table with three players in the goblins campaign, and Time Stories.  

Solo Games

The recent arrival of Darkest Night 2nd Edition saw this game dominate my solo play early this month, it is a real beauty to look at and such a nice challenge, combining different heroes together to defeat the Necromancer. Thunderstone Quest was delivered mid month and i am really impressed, playing two handed games to try out different strategies. I wish there was a full solo option for it.

Modelling & Painting

The White Dwarf new quests for Shadows over Hammerhal has seen this jump back onto the painting table to try and finish up some of the miniatures, pushing Descent 2nd Edition into the background for now. I have bought a Skaven warband box from Shadespire to flesh out a new dungeon style using the chaos adversary cards. Games Workshop hobby is really gaining momentum at the moment.

Coming Soon

January & February saw a lot of new games arrive, Darkest Night 2nd edition, One Deck Dungeon and Thunderstone Quest from kickstarter and then the re-purchase of Mage Knight second hand, a game that has been out of my collection for two years, but one i wanted to retry. Massive Darkness was sold to help balance the game finance books and enable an investment into the Nemesis kickstarter. The start of the year has been really busy.