Crusaders Games

Monthly Update – June

This is a summary of the board games that are seeing my most interest, play, hobby time, funding and enjoyment in 2018. It is not a direct reflection of my all time favourite games and may include games that i do not own. This year continues with kickstarters.

1. Lord of the Rings LCG – i took a few months break from this game, but i am back playing consistently again. I bought Grey Havens, Drowned Ruins and Temple of the Deceived in May to add to the fun, and Heirs of Numenor in June, with Wilds of Rhovanion arriving soon as well. I have a lot of new quests to play through.

2. Gloomhaven – made its return as the sunday group game of choice, with Kingdom Death just not engaging the group as much as expected. Everyone wanted to bring this game back instead, and it always provides a great afternoons play.

3. City of Kings – has become a favourite new solo game since its arrival. It is fairly quick to set up and get playing and rules are easy to follow despite running two heroes. This is a wonderful game and i backed the kickstarter expansions too this year.

4. Shadows over Hammerhal – the white dwarf quests early this year saw this back on my painting table to try and complete the set. I also purchased a foam insert and painted a skaven warband to flesh out a new dungeon style using the new chaos adversary cards.

5. Descent 2nd Edition – was recalled this year for some group games playing scenarios from Road to Legend. This older game just keeps hanging on, and saw off the challenge from Massive Darkness. I am still painting this game from time to time.

6. Thunderstone Quest – a great new addition to the Thunderstone series and i am really enjoying for competitive play. I am still keeping my Advance boxes alongside this as it is still a lovely set. Watch out for some new co-operative kickstarter content in July.

7. Eldritch Horror – a return for this enjoyable co-op game now being played within the group.  I enjoy the different scenarios and stories told, and in June bought the Forsaken Lore and Cities in Ruin expansions.

8. Ravage : Dungeons of Thunder – a quick solo dungeon crawl, yes really, and an excellent low cost game, but still deep enough to be engaging. This under the radar game is one i really enjoy, and may see a kickstarter expansion eventually.

9. Darkest Night 2nd Edition – another great solo game, where combining the different heroes to beat the Necromancer is great fun and there are so many different ones to select from. The production of the main game with standees is lovely.

10. Dungeon Saga – i am finally getting a chance to play a friends copy of the game, and it is proving to be a pretty good dungeon crawler with an overlord, i tend to see it as a lighter Descent game, easy to play with newcomers or less frequent players. It doesn’t quite make my purchase list though.

Coming Soon

In June i hope to finally open Dungeon Alliance and get it played, I have overloaded my collection a little so its tough to get some new games started.

To help balance the game finance books and make shelf space, i took a tough decision this year to sell Massive Darkness and Kingdom Death to recoup funds, which enabled investment into the Nemesis kickstarter. This seems quite a drastic step, but one that was necessary to keep trying out new games. Trading games out is something i have been doing for years.