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Monthly Update – April

hammerhalApril update – this is a summary of the board games that see my most interest, play, hobby time and enjoyment in 2018. It is not a direct reflection of my all time favourite games, but shows where i have putting most resource, hobby interest and funding this year, and may include games that i do not own. This year continues with the kickstarters.

1. Shadows over Hammerhal – the white dwarf quests saw this back on my painting table to try and complete the set. I purchased a foam insert and am currently painting a skaven warband from shadespire to flesh out a new dungeon style using the chaos adversary cards.

2. City of Kings – has become my favourite solo game at the moment since its arrival, so easy to set up and get playing and rules are easy to follow.

3. Time Stories – purchased by a colleague, this is proving very popular for sunday play within the group at the moment, and another expansion pack is scheduled to hit the table in March.

4. Gloomhaven – back on the sunday group gaming table as Kingdom Death just was not engaging the group as much as was expected. Everyone wanted to bring this game back instead.

5. Dungeon Saga – i am finally getting a chance to play a friends copy of the game, and it is proving to be a pretty good dungeon crawler.

6. Descent 2nd Edition – was recalled this year for group games playing the goblin scenario from Road to Legend. This older game just keeps hanging on, and is preferred to Massive Darkness.

7. Darkest Night 2nd Edition – another great solo game that is getting played over the rest, combining different heroes to beat the Necromancer.

8. Thunderstone Quest – a great new addition to the Thunderstone series and i am really enjoying playing two handed to understand the rules. However i am still keeping my Advance set alongside this as it is still a lovely set.

9. Runebound 3rd Edition – was a really enjoyable two player co-op game with my brother this month, and with the Unbreakable Bonds expansion is so good. 

Coming Soon

February saw Darkest Night 2nd edition and Thunderstone Quest from kickstarter and a re-purchase of Mage Knight second hand. March saw the arrival of City of Kings and April i will open Dungeon Alliance.

To help balance the game finance books and make shelf space, i took a tough decision to sell Massive Darkness and Kingdom Death to recoup funds, which enabled investment into the Nemesis kickstarter.  This seems quite a drastic step, but one that was necessary to keep trying out new games. However trading games out is something i have been doing for years.