Crusaders Games

Monthly Update – November

November update – a brief monthly look at which games i am currently playing or spending my hobby time on. This year Kickstarters i backed from 2015 are arriving and starting to shake up my recommended lists.

Group Games

Kingdom Death Monster has been the main campaign game this month, fighting our way to lantern year four. Also we had a continuation of Imperial Assault with the Hoth campaign. 

Solo Games

Dragonfire was my new game this month and saw some solo play, and I also played a solo scenario for Descent 2nd edition which was great fun and restored a lot of interest in the game for me, despite tough competition.  It comfortably proved itself to be a much better and more engaging game than Massive Darkness.

Modelling & Painting

Kingdom Death saw me paint up the two intimacy survivors to add to the white lion and initial four survivors. Sword & Sorcery was re-opened and i painted up the five raiders so i making progress again with this set too.

Coming Soon

I am waiting for the arrival of One Deck Dungeon at the moment, but it is not that high on my eagerly awaiting list to be honest. Spirit Island is going to be my Christmas present which is more exciting. Also Shadows over Hammerhal has seen the release of some new enemy cards and there is new scenario in White Dwarf, which is returning this game to my attention for December.